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Restoration / Remanufacturing


Yes, we do it all! Re-fits, re-power, remanufacturing, restoration, refinishing. Although we specialize in the new construction of our own signature fleet, we also enjoy making an existing classic or antique watercraft look and perform great as well. We offer full restoration services from seasonal varnish and paint to cleaning and prep work, engine work, maintenance, chroming and finish solutions, custom vintage part replication, custom trailers and more... 

We are able to offer specialized location services to assist a client in locating a potential classic boat for restoration or remanufacturing. In addition to our extensive knowledge of Chris - Craft, our collection of original period manuscripts and library, aids in specifications and details related to most models. The method we use to remanufacture a classic is very similar to the construction method used in our new models- the proven 5200/ Smiths CPES methodology. We do not use hard resins because we know better- we have rebuilt countless classics destroyed by such methods. Since we are active members of The Chris- Craft Antique Boat Club and ACBS, we are very familiar with the judging criteria at ACBS sanctioned events, so if you are going to spend the time to rebuild a classic then you want to show it off- and win right? We can help with that- we pride ourselves in period correct authenticity and the true period correct experience in a vintage boat. Call today to discuss your project.

Work in progress…1946 38’ Matthews sedan cruiser